How to add a referral code to a specific job


This is a step by step guide to refer a friend or colleague to a specific job on Evo's career site.  This way, when they apply to the job via our website with the url you send them, you get credit for it!

First, take your personal referral link (starts with and can be found when you login to the ambassador portal or in the email you generate through the "Refer a Friend" widget) and add "?url=" at the end.  Make sure to use your referral link or else you won't get credit!

Step 1

Step 2

Next, go to the specific job that you're wanting to send to your friend or collegue.  

Step 3

Copy the URL listed in the top of the browser window and paste it to the end of the referral link that you've already modified.

This will look something like

Make sure there aren't any extra spaces or characters in the URL.

Copy the whole URL and paste it into your browser to make sure that it works.

Step 4

You can either send this link on your own or send it using the automated email generated in the "Refer a Friend" widget on our website.

Step 5

Still need help? Here is a guide from Amabassador or click here to be connected with our support team.