Whether you are looking to ramp up a strategic initiative prior to launch, back fill existing QA needs, provide competitive analysis or just looking for a solutions provider to conduct performance and reliability testing, our staff of engineers will provide a quality assurance test plan automation solution that is backed by best-practice methodology and technical expertise.

At Evo we provide:

  • Experienced and qualified professional services staff on-site

  • Multiple platform and form factor testing capability

  • Comprehensive interoperability testing and end-user behavior simulation

  • Investment of automation tools and methodologies that lower costs and speed delivery of results

Evo QRunner

Developed by Evo, QRunner is a Software-as-a-Service platform for quickly creating, scheduling, and running automated software testing scripts.  The platform was designed to be agile and leverage three distinct test environments, cloud hosted, attached local, and virtual/emulated devices.

QRunner includes a powerful feature editor that allows developers to create high-quality test scripts for testing applications that can be run on the QRunner automation platform without requiring the developer to learn or purchase test specific coding skills. QRunner is a platform for rapidly testing applications especially in challenging continuous development environments where manual execution of tests, results analysis, and defect resolution spans beyond the developers release schedule. 

Mobile Device & Software Development Services

The rapid growth of Android-based mobile phone and tablet devices, and the subsequent rise of compelling applications leveraging Android, is creating a broad range of Android Fragmentation issues within the mobile device and software developer market.

As Android-enabled phones and devices expand, so does the need for a successful application testing framework that works consistently across all devices.

In order to ensure application performance across an ever-expanding matrix of device and Android OS combinations, you need a strategic engineering solutions partner who understands that your application needs to work the way it was meant to, on every device, every time, regardless of resident OS or form factor. Our Engineering Services team will partner with you to develop a Quality Assurance plan that meets all of your application development testing needs, preventing lost market opportunities due to errors and fault problems caused by certain device and O/S combinations.

At Evo, our mission is to assist application developers manage the complexity of Android Fragmentation, ensuring you maximize end-user revenue opportunities to the fullest extent possible. Our expertise spans a wide array of Android device and O/S compatibility testing including,

  • Activity Testing

  • Content Provider Testing

  • Service Testing

  • Security

  • Power Consumption

  • Connectivity