Business Affairs Outsourcing

Evo Solutions is a leader in outsourced business affairs management for the technology industry. With more than 20 years of B2B strategic alliance experience, our team has a strong history of managing the requirements of a successful technology alliance practice.

We take pride in assuming the trusted advisor role for our clients and our services go beyond traditional back-office administration. We take the time to learn your organization, its market dynamics, and the needs and challenges surrounding its formation. If you desire, we can translate that information to a compelling value proposition, strategy, and program execution plan that elevates the goals and objectives of your alliance organization to the proper level of discourse.

When you engage with Evo, you receive access to a team of experts that will provide flexible and creative contract resource solutions where and when you need them.

Technology Marketing Consulting

If you are looking to add marketing resources and talent to your strategic initiatives, or you have standalone marketing needs, Evo is the answer.

Our team of consultants can quickly fill any specific marketing need you require, from outbound marketing communication, Web initiatives, product marketing, competitive analysis & marketing research, and large-scale event management. We tout specific expertise in providing contracted resources for end to end management of strategic consortiums, developer events and other technology enabling activities.

If you are hosting or participating in a partner pavilion at an industry trade show, or just looking to make a big splash in a large pond, Evo resources and talent can strengthen your organizational efforts to make your brand stand out. Our services and expertise include:

  • Broad experience and knowledge across all functional marketing areas

  • Definition of value proposition and plan development

  • Budget frameworks and reporting

  • Program execution that timely meets marketing objectives

  • Initiative follow up and evaluation