About Us

Based in Portland Oregon, Evo is a regional consulting, staffing, and recruiting solution for some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations. With a background going back over 30 years and spanning a broad range of vertical markets, including IT, Consumer Goods, Hardware/Software Development, Financial Services, Healthcare, and the Federal Government, our team at Evo is known for two things: delivery and caring. 

At Evo, our passion is responding to the greatest struggle of every business leader: Getting the right talent in the right place, at the right time. It's a challenge that's both as simple and complex as it's answer: people. The human beings, each unique in their talents and experience, who will take your business further. We don't solve this challenge with a canned formula or 'guaranteed process' because ultimately, it is the most nuanced, exciting, social, messy (at times), and brutally honest business challenge you face. At Evo we actively seek people with the strengths and weakness that will interlock precisely with the weaknesses and strengths of employers who need them. It's where job opportunity meets career opportunity and when you contract or hire someone like this, you might refer to it as a "great fit", but for them, it's a dream realized. That's the human side of our business, that's what we are about, and that's why we love doing this every day. 

Do Business. Act Human. Evo